About We Are TNBT


First of all, we are a nonprofit.

We are non-profit

We don’t make money through ads that may advertise products or services that may not be in your best interests. As a nonprofit, our number one goal is to help entrepreneurs, both inside and outside of Canada and regardless of company size, achieve their dreams. We do this by creating an online resource space where like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world can exchange ideas, exchange answers and most importantly, give moral support to each other.

Critical Analysis

Believe it or not, the best kind of support you would ever hope for in many cases is critical analysis. A person’s assessment may not be the kind of thing you want to hear. You might feel discouraged. You might feel that you’re being judged. You might feel that they’re poking holes in your business. But believe us, if you are able to take all of this with an open mind and really trace how relevant these critiques are to your business model, you would come up with a better business.

Do not assume

The worst thing that you can do with your startup is to assume that it’s the hottest thing since sliced bread and it really has no comparison and no competition. You are simply just deluding yourself into early business failure. Instead of giving you what you think you want to hear, we give you the truth. This way, you can take a long hard look at what you’re doing and what you’re planning and come up with something that would take you on a more realistic path and a more effective one at that to ultimate success.

Participate in the forum

We want everybody to participate on this forum to be successful and oftentimes, this requires a heavy dose of reality. A lot of the assessments here as well as the resource materials analysis that you would get may not conform with how you conceive of your business. In fact, that may be its greatest contribution to your business because all this time, you might be looking at your business as well as your competitive market with rose-colored glasses.

Let us tell you

Let us tell you. That is not the way to go forward because you will get crushed again and again. Believe it or not, there are other businesses out there with better ideas and worse yet, they have a tried and proven team that would implement those ideas. Those team members would take the idea from concept form to a company producing goods or services that people all over the world could readily buy.

The competition you’re up against

That’s the kind of competition you’re up against and that is exactly the kind of company your firm would become if you take the advice of the resources we have made available to you absolutely free. You’ve read that right. All the materials offered here are absolutely free. We gain our compensation primarily from the success stories of people just like you. We want you to succeed. We want you to take your idea to its fullest potential.

Idea modification

However, to get there, we also know that your idea probably needs to be revised. It probably needs to be modified a little bit. It might even stand an overhaul. Whatever the case may be, by simply assuming an open mind, you are positioning your online venture to a much higher level of success. At the least, you ensure its survival.

Welcome to The Next Big Thing! We hope you enjoy your stay.