If You are Looking for the Cleanest and Greenest Vaping Experience, Insist on this E-Juice Component

The vaping community is fast dividing into two camps. This is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, any kind of community that forms around the usage of a product tends to segregate itself. If you need a clear example of this, look at fans of Apple Computer products.

There is a big difference between fans of the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad and Mac computers. You can’t say that somebody who’s big on the MacBook Pro is automatically going to be all excited about using an iPhone and vice versa.

Market segmentation can and do occur. Just because people are very loyal to a brand, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this applies across the board. There are, of course, many different considerations to keep in mind. People do tend to fragment based on seemingly small stuff.

The same applies to e-juice from different vape juice like eliquid depot. For the longest time, fans of vaping put a lot of emphasis on how healthier vaping is compared to smoking tobacco. After all, when you smoke cigarettes or cigars, you are burning stuff.

When you burn vegetative materials, you create tar. This is the stuff you put on roadways, and this is the stuff you put on your roof. This sticky and stinky material can be murder on your lungs. In fact, it’s been documented that tar plays a big role in many of the health problems related to smoking. This is undeniable. There are decades worth of scientific research that backs this up.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people that were big on smoking switched to vaping because they just want to cut out the tar. This is all well and good, but the problem is, the way they vape may not be all that much healthier than burning shredded tobacco leaves and producing a lot of tar in their lungs.

The reason for this is that the components of the e-juices that they are vaping tend to be heavily chemically processed. In fact, a lot of them are purely synthetic creations. We’re talking about biochemical compounds mixed and matched. We’re talking about heavy industrial chemical processes to produce all sorts of liquids that smell and look and taste a certain way.

It is no surprise that a lot of critics of vaping would argue that whatever problems you avoid with smoking are not really mitigated or overcome by your switch to vaping. This is why the whole all-natural vaping movement emerged.

These vaping fans not only want all-natural vaping juices, they actually took things several steps further. In fact, many of them insist on all-organic compounds. Others insist on a purely natural steeping process. Even others cut out nicotine altogether.

I know this sounds sacrilegious to a lot of people because that is the whole point of vaping, but some people are just big fans of the vaping process itself and not necessarily the kick or buzz one gets from nicotine. It’s no surprise that this debate between people looking for the cleanest and greenest solution and the people who are looking for the strong old-school hit of nicotine has come to a head.

The good news is, if you’re insisting on the cleanest and greenest vaping experience, focus on organic fruit-steeped components. This is how you avoid all sorts of unnecessary drama.

And if you really want to take your green advocacy to its fullest logical extent, cut out the nicotine component altogether. Not only is this healthier, but it also spares you the hassle of dealing with synthetic or heavily processed nicotine.